Publications by categories in reversed chronological order. Full list can be found at Google Scholar.


  1. ICCV
    TrajectoryFormer: 3D Object Tracking Transformer with Predictive Trajectory Hypotheses
    Xuesong Chen, Shaoshuai Shi, Chao Zhang, Benjin Zhu, Qiang Wang, Ka Chun Cheung, Simon See, and Hongsheng Li
    International Conference on Computer Vision 2023
  2. codebase
    EFG: An Efficient, Flexible, and General deep learning framework that retains minimal
    EFG Contributors
  3. CVPR
    ConQueR: Query Contrast Voxel-DETR for 3D Object Detection
    Benjin ZhuZhe WangShaoshuai ShiHang Xu, Lanqing Hong, and Hongsheng Li
    Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2023


  1. ECCV
    MPPNet: Multi-Frame Feature Intertwining with Proxy Points for 3D Temporal Object Detection
    Xuesong Chen, Shaoshuai ShiBenjin Zhu, Ka Chun Cheung, Hang Xu, and Hongsheng Li
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2205.05979 2022



    1. codebase
      cvpods: All-in-one Toolbox for Computer Vision Research
      Benjin Zhu, Feng Wang, Wang Jianfeng, Siwei Yang, Jianhu Chen, and Zeming Li
    2. arXiv
      EqCo: Equivalent Rules for Self-supervised Contrastive Learning
      Benjin Zhu, Junqiang Huang, Zeming LiXiangyu Zhang, and Jian Sun
      arXiv preprint: 2010.01929 2020
    3. arXiv
      AutoAssign: Differentiable Label Assignment for Dense Object Detection
      Benjin Zhu, Jianfeng Wang, Zhengkai Jiang, Fuhang Zong, Songtao Liu, Zeming Li, and Jian Sun
      arXiv preprint: 2007.03496 2020


    1. arXiv
      Class-balanced Grouping and Sampling for Point Cloud 3D Object Detection
      Benjin Zhu, Zhengkai Jiang, Xiangxin Zhou, Zeming Li, and Gang Yu
      arXiv preprint:1908.09492 2019


    1. KBS
      Improving user recommendation by extracting social topics and interest topics of users in uni-directional social networks
      Ke Xu, Xushen Zheng, Yi Cai, Huaqing Min, Zhen Gao, Zhu Benjin, Haoran Xie, and Tak-Lam Wong
      Knowledge-Based Systems 2018